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Tue May 31 21:25:46 UTC 2011

So here are some starting questions regarding the calendar idea for
Insight, solicited on our Phase 2 project plan[2].  PLEASE ADD MORE!

Mo Duffy might be the right person to ask about this, but one approach
would be to look at each of these cases, and figure out what we'd
ideally *like* the workflow to be.  Don't bother worrying about how
much work it will take to make it happen, this is just about
identifying or brainstorming an ideal situation.  We can break it down
into work details later! :-)

Here's what I've tried to ask/answer for each question:

* Who's trying to accomplish the task?
* What are they trying to do?
* What do they currently have to do to accomplish that task?
* In an ideal world, what would they do instead?  (Forget about
  superpowers for now.) ;-)
* How much of a win is it? (Huge, medium, or tiny?)

  * Fedora contributors

    * I want to attend the next Fedora Infrastructure team meeting on
      IRC -- when does it happen?

      RIGHT NOW: (1) Find their wiki page, look for meeting time,
      convert UTC to my timezone. (2) Find someone in IRC who knows,
      and ask.

      SHINY FUTURE: Go to one-stop calendar page, choose a filter by
      team (Infrastructure) and type (weekly IRC meeting) -- results
      are automatically in my timezone. (Medium/small)

    * I want to know when the #fedora-meeting room is free, and put in
      a reservation when I find an open time.

      RIGHT NOW: Find the meeting room wiki page, convert UTC to
      timezone, edit a complex table with footnotes to make a

      SHINY FUTURE: Go to one-stop calendar page, choose a filter by
      type (weekly IRC meeting) and room.  Read the schedule, which
      auto displays in my timezone, decide on an addition, and click
      "Add IRC weekly meeting to room" to make a reservation. (Huge)

    * I want to see a list of important dates like string and feature
      freezes for the next release.

      RIGHT NOW: Find the schedule wiki page, jump to detailed
      schedules if needed, find key tasks or detailed schedule for my

      SHINY FUTURE: Go to one-stop calendar page, choose a filter by
      team if applicable, then by type (release task). (Small)

    * I want to add an event to the Fedora events calendar and have
      that entry kick off other things like an eventbox or media
      request in a Trac.

      RIGHT NOW: Find the events page.  Edit the wiki page (large, big
      tables).  Email a bunch of people or go to Trac instances and
      manually enter tickets to get stuff done.

      SHINY FUTURE: Go to one-stop calendar page, choose an easy "Add
      an event" link.  If I'm an Ambassador I get extra fields that
      allow me to request media and event support.  Behind the scenes,
      tickets are filed for that stuff. (Huge)

  * General public / Fedora user

    * I want to know when the next Fedora release comes out.

      RIGHT NOW: Find the schedule wiki page, read GA date (what's a

      SHINY FUTURE: Click easy to find "Schedule for Fedora <N+1>" to
      see this table. (Small)

    * I want to know what Fedora events are happening in my geographic
      region next month.

      RIGHT NOW: Locate events page, find my geo link, read events.

      SHINY FUTURE: Go to one-stop calendar page, filter by type
      (Public event) and region (my geo).

  * Add more here...

Note that some of these start shading into the areas that Hiemanshu
wants to cover in his GSoC project.  So I'd REALLY, REALLY like it if
he and/or Juan (nushio) could be at one of our meetings to discuss, or
we can set up a special time to do that.  Just need some word back
from them...

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