[Insight] Thank-you e-mail

Peter Borsa peter.borsa at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 21:37:05 UTC 2011

Hi People!

If you allowed me, I would like to share my last week short story. The
Hungarian Red Hat partner(1, 2) gave me an opportunity to work for
them as a drupal developer. The executive director could see on
various Fedora sites what I am doing. I applied this job that's why I
would like to say a huge thank you! I thank all of you!

(1) https://www.europe.redhat.com/training/partners.php#HU
(2) http://redhat.force.com/finder/PFPartnerDetail?id=001300000094XDFAA2
Peter Borsa
gpg fingerprint: EF52 EF5D 9604 E11C 8219  242B AB24 5B0B C6CD 1242

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