Fedora 20 Beta Release Readiness Meeting :: Thursday, Oct 24, 19:00 UTC

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Mon Oct 21 15:17:56 UTC 2013

Fedora 20 Beta Release Readiness Meeting.

date: 2013-10-24
place: irc.freenode.net in #fedora-meeting-1
time: 19:00 UTC (3 PM EDT, 12 PM PDT, 21:00 CEST)

This Thursday, October 24, we will meet to make sure we are coordinated
and ready for the Beta release of Fedora 20 on Tuesday, October 29, 2013.
Please note that this meeting will occur on October 24 *even if the release
is delayed at the Go/No-Go meeting on the same day two hours earlier.*

This meeting works best when we have representatives from all of the
teams, so we'll be looking for the following people to attend or send a
representative in their place. Let me know in case of chairs/leads changes,
I'll update the list. And feel free to forward this email to relevant

Ambassadors -- Jiri Eischmann
Design -- Máirín Duffy/Ryan Lerch
Documentation -- Pete Travis
FESCo -- Kevin Fenzi
Fedora Engineering Manager -- Tom "Spot" Callaway
Fedora Project Leader -- Robyn Bergeron
Infrastructure -- Kevin Fenzi
Marketing -- Ruth Suehle
Quality -- Adam Williamson
Release Engineering -- Dennis Gilmore
Translation -- Noriko Mizumoto
Websites -- Kévin Raymond


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