Feedback on Fedora Core 4 test 2 review

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Thu Apr 28 06:35:19 UTC 2005


>The problem is not why Red Hat did what it did.  IMO the main
>problem is that Red Hat totally hid the Fedora Project from its
>users in the discontinutaion email that sent them. 
which leads to

> It said
>that's all, no free lunch anymore.  I was in the Real World Linux
>Expo last week.  Again, there was the Red Hat booth, with no sign
>or name of the Fedora Project.  Somebody giving a talk mentioned
>it, just that.  To me, it seems like Red Hat is trying to hide
>Fedora, in the fear that they lose their customers, while we all
>know that it can't be true. 
Fedora Project in linked from the homepage of We have 
an exclusive  Fedora users and developers conference aka FUDcon. (FUDcon 1) 
(FUDcon 2)
Red Hat magazine covers articles on  Fedora and its status every month. 
Fedora Project related news is posted regularly in many major websites.  
Fedora is after all the official Red Hat. How can we ever hide that ;-)

> People do not buy Red Hat simply
>because Red Hat does not provide a free version.  There are a
>zillion free distros out there.  For more than 99 percent of
>personal (nonbusiness) users out there, Fedora is at least as
>good as Red Hat Linux was.  This 99 percent never received any
>support from Red Hat.  Never ever.  But Red Hat makes it sound
>like Fedora is something community driven so low quality.
All of the Fedora Core development is done by Red Hat employees which 
contains a good number of software developed by the community.  
Encouring the community to participate in the process through efforts 
like Fedora Extras and Fedora Legacy only helps to enhance it obviously


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