Mailing lists, redux

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Sat Dec 3 09:42:12 UTC 2005


>Is the perception that it ends in a address?  What if it were
> or something similar, but still ran on RH's
>hardware?  Just playing Devil's Advocate (:
Red Hat HW or bandwidth  is just fine because it has low visibility 
compared to a domain name unless it highly advertised. How many know the 
GNOME infrastructure that is provided by Red Hat for example? .  In 
other words Red Hat can continue to donate whatever resources it wants 
to while changing the perception drastically by moving the lists to  Community members external to Red Hat already 
administrate several fedora lists and creating new lists is a quick 
process so it doesnt really change anything but perception and is a 
probably a lot of work involved in moving lists around while also having 
to avoid the potential pitfall of not having enough administrators 
behind it.

So what is the actual work involved if we decide to move the lists? Who 
are the people with administrator access in  Also who 
is going to own it in the future?  The foundation would the logical choice.


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