FUDCon #1 2005

Jeffrey C Albro jalbro at bu.edu
Wed Feb 2 16:58:52 UTC 2005

Update on food:

It looks like we will host a continental breakfast and then soda and water 
in the afternoon.  Menus and maps to numerous restraunts within a few 
blocks will be posted for lunch and dinner.

Update on rooms:

Room 203:  70 people, multi-level lecture format, projector, wireless mic.

Room 307:  40 people, lab layout format, BU Linux (Fedora) 
computers, projectors, wireless mic.

Room 428:  20 people, tables and chairs.  We can provide a portable 

Room 442:  12 people, confrence table.  This room may be used for 
food/coffee.  Not sure yet. 


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