Details as we approach...

Jeffrey C Albro jalbro at
Wed Feb 9 20:05:57 UTC 2005

> > Recording/broadcasting
> > 
> We plan on having 2 machines, one in each of the rooms that will be
> recording and streaming.  Is there a problem getting these things on the
> network? Do we have enough bandwidth to stream?

Great!  Just DHCP and away you go...

I just measured 500 to 700 KB/s sustained rate out of the university
network to two different locations.  I assume that is fast enough.

> > Computing needs.  I'm looking into temporary accounts or another options.  
> > I will have *some* network ports marked.
> > 
> I guess that means some people will have wired access?

There are some free ports in the walls.  We are looking into wireless, but 
no promisies on that.

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