Paul Stauffer paulds at bu.edu
Thu Feb 17 21:07:25 UTC 2005

It's official...

FUDpub 2005

An Tua Nua
835 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02215

This is about a five minute walk from the BU Photonics Center.  Directions
are here: <http://tinyurl.com/3mkxg>

We can show up any time after 6:00, and they will keep the left half of the
pub reserved for us.  They are aware that some of those attending will be
under 21, so will check IDs when alcohol is ordered (not at the door).  They
have a decent menu, so it's good for dinner as well as drinks.

I will have a stack of maps & directions printed out for distribution on
Friday.  Can someone with write-access to the web page add a note about
this, maybe at the end of the schedule?

- Paul

Paul Stauffer <paulds at bu.edu>
Manager of Research Computing
Computer Science Department
Boston University

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