Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Mon Jun 6 05:23:16 UTC 2005

Am Sonntag, den 05.06.2005, 19:55 -0400 schrieb seth vidal:
> On Sun, 2005-06-05 at 03:39 -0500, Patrick Barnes wrote:
> Here's what I think:
>  I agree with you about the fedoraproject.org page needing to be more
> useful.

BTW, I started a FAQ page there because I think we should have one:


Currently it only links to a updated Version of "Hardware Problems" from

> Set yourself up a wiki account, I'll give you privs to change a page and
> you make a 'newfrontpage' page and we'll work from there to see if it
> works.

Do we really need this "edit to the EditGroup" step -- Isn't that
counter-productive in a wiki? Okay, maybe we need this for some pages.
But not for all. And yes, It helps against spammers.

But can I add everyone to the EditGroup who asks for access? This is not
specified. In the beginning only hand selected people got access (at
least I had to find a sponsor who knew me with a gpg signed mail etc.)
-- now it seems everyone who asks for access gets it.


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