grokking the FF

seth vidal skvidal at
Wed Jun 8 03:44:52 UTC 2005

> Red Hat needs the community leaders to make this work, so my $10 bet
> is those who really want to get involved will get all the mind
> numbingly dull information about the legalities of a corporate seeded
> NPO they ask for.

I asked, privately, for the information. I haven't gotten a response to
that yet. I have a number of folks tell me that the reason the answers
aren't forthcoming is b/c they don't have any answers. It was a slight
misstatement in the press and now it needs to be figured out.

But, as has often been the case with fedora, it's a good idea to keep up
the public conversation otherwise you end up with folks thinking it was
just a publicity stunt.

I'd rather make sure it's not and in case anyone has any doubts about my
intentions, despite the stuff I work on for fedora, I'd like to see the
fedora foundation happen and be successful.

Crazy, huh!


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