grokking the FF

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Wed Jun 8 03:58:07 UTC 2005

On 6/7/05, Jeremy Hogan <jeremy.hogan at> wrote:
> Maybe the Deputy General Counsel of a publicly held corporation didn't
> want to give too much legal info at a conference with 700+ strangers.

thats sort of the problem... not too much information.. leaves a hell
of a lot of room for those 700+ strangers.. strangers with sindicated
newsfeeds appearently.. to fill in the blanks with speculation.  It
would have been absolutely glorious if there was a simple official
statement on redhat's site ready to go so interested parties can get a
clear concise statement that provided firm boundaries as to the intent
of the annoucement. You can't rely on the technology "news" to get the
facts out to people without additional editorializing.  A pre-prepared
simple statement of intent that everyone could see on the fedora
website would have done wonders to stop some of the more outlandish
conjecturing as to why this was happening.

The directory server annoucement was made the same day wasn't it? It
had a mountain of information ready to roll. All I was expecting to
see for the Foundation annoucement was a supporting press release
directly from RedHat devoid of any 'journalist' spin to point people
to when they wandered into #fedora and asked why was RedHat punting
Fedora to the curb.  If Deputy General Counsel can get up in from of
700 strangers and talk about it at all.. surely a paragraph describing
the intent of that annoucement on the fedora website could have been


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