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Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Jun 8 05:16:42 UTC 2005

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

>On 6/7/05, Jeremy Hogan <jeremy.hogan at> wrote:
>>Maybe the Deputy General Counsel of a publicly held corporation didn't
>>want to give too much legal info at a conference with 700+ strangers.
>thats sort of the problem... not too much information.. leaves a hell
>of a lot of room for those 700+ strangers.. strangers with sindicated
>newsfeeds appearently.. to fill in the blanks with speculation.  It
>would have been absolutely glorious if there was a simple official
>statement on redhat's site ready to go so interested parties can get a
>clear concise statement that provided firm boundaries as to the intent
>of the annoucement. You can't rely on the technology "news" to get the
>facts out to people without additional editorializing.  A pre-prepared
>simple statement of intent that everyone could see on the fedora
>website would have done wonders to stop some of the more outlandish
>conjecturing as to why this was happening.
>The directory server annoucement was made the same day wasn't it? It
>had a mountain of information ready to roll. All I was expecting to
>see for the Foundation annoucement was a supporting press release
>directly from RedHat devoid of any 'journalist' spin to point people
>to when they wandered into #fedora and asked why was RedHat punting
>Fedora to the curb.  If Deputy General Counsel can get up in from of
>700 strangers and talk about it at all.. surely a paragraph describing
>the intent of that annoucement on the fedora website could have been
Yes.  I completely agree with all of the above.  Guess we will await 
information together then ;-)


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