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Wed Jun 8 21:24:46 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 20:35 -0400, seth vidal wrote:
> > Either way, I think the MORE information made public here, the BETTER.
> > We have an opportunity to un-black a lot of eyes by being nice and
> > verbose, can we take advantage of it?  Pretty please?
> > 
> I've got $10 that says that won't happen.

I'll take that bet, but it's a sucker bet.  I have insider
information. :)

OK, more to the point.  We've seen these kind of Red Hat half-steps
before, and to $SOMEONE's credit, it's a little bit better this time.
The turnaround on information has been *much* quicker from WTF!?! to
getting informed.  And the point of this announcement is to make a
foundation that separates Fedora from Red Hat half-steps.  Think about
not ever having to worry about what secrets The Suits are planning for
next quarter!

I think the point was to announce the intention of forming the FF with
community input.  The intention from the beginning is to have an open
creation process.

The only oops, IMO, was in not sending a pre-announcement announcement
to all of Red Hat explaining the current status.

The fact that there is no finished product behind the announcement is a
*good thing*.  The intention from the beginning is to have the work done
in the open with community involvement.

Think of this more as something Mark Webbink researched and put into his
keynote, not realizing the worrisome impact it would have.

Don't think anyone meant it to be so surprising, and there sure is
scrambling to clear things up.

There are some known details, aiui, but I hesitate to over-share them
because I believe there is better clarity coming immediately from the
current Fedora governing board.

My major point here is to ask that this group, the Marketing Project for
lack of a better structure to pin it on, be worked with to help
disemminate the message *and* facilitate the foundation creation
process.  I'm volunteering to help, of course.

- Karsten
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