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Colin Charles byte at
Wed Jun 8 22:36:52 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 15:53 -0400, Jack Aboutboul wrote:
> > > Yes, as long as it doesn't have to be spot, jack, or me ;-)
> > 
> > Well thats just the thing.  You guys are some of the core people
> getting
> > it done, and it would be rather interesting to have a camera
> somewhat
> > following you around the day or two leading up to the Con, and
> during
> > the Con itself.  If I was able to have a more active role in pulling
> it
> > off, I would have no problem being filmed while doing it.
> > 
> I would be willing to work on it if you are willing to send me to
> germany.  Here's an idea, theres a new intern for videography, maybe
> him
> and I can go there and do a little docufilm?  Especially now that the
> foundation is forthcoming, we seriously need to ramp up our promotion
> and mindshare strategies.

Okay, you know I'd send you there if I controlled $budget. I don't. But
I do know there's a little money available for you to get there (if the
RH sponsored seats are still available)

Now, maybe we just send the videography intern over, and get someone
like Alex to look after him and point him in the right direction? That
can save us cost, and well, you can continue on with your internship :P

Greg, do you know this videographer? Can you send him to FUDCon II? Of
course, if you say yes, we shall draw up plans for him (and let his
creative juices run wild, as well)... If you say no, we can still draw
up plans for future FUDCon's

FWIW, Red Hat / FUDCon organisers *need* to have DV Cams lying
around/available for use. Really. And that's only the start of the
problem. Disk space, beefy machines, do you want to broadcast, etc. all
come into play. Last time we had Pogo give us machines... Jesse has
since left, and next time we ain't going to be so lucky
Colin Charles,

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