My brain dump (i.e. our marketing plan)

Colin Charles byte at
Wed Jun 8 23:03:44 UTC 2005

Here it is folk...

  * Define roles (of people) 
      * Start officiating meetings (weekly might be too taxing, but
        maybe bi-weekly...) 
      * We handle all press releases 
      * Create marketing presentations 
      * FUDCon (video/audio/live streaming, distribution afterward,
        publicity, organising) 
      * Tracking media releases - providing appropriate responses if
        they're wrong/incorrect (Jack has done this in the past, though
        cc'ed only on a private list; Rahul Sundaram has been doing this
        in public on f-m-l, great stuff - I smell a role here, already)
        - harness resources like google news 
      * Encourage MarCon's to do presentations 
      * Local/OEM support companies are important to list. Also CD
        vendors. Let's encourage the spreading of Fedora, by helping
        those that do it IRL (and so happen to make a little money off
      * Fedora books, CDs, Resources DB - we need a list 
      * Targeted marketing: developers, users, companies, universities
        (add more here) 
      * Plans for a newer website - users go to it first, lets make it
      * Fedora Traffic - aka fedora news updates. How do we as a team
        make it happen (I have ideas, scripts, etc... just now looking
        for volunteers and well, delegation time) 
      * Find out about existing Fedora websites. See how we can build on
        their resources (like how we did for fedoraforum), and maybe
        make affiliations with them 
      * Create a formal swag request/fulfillment process 
      * Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCLs) - we are certifiying
        nothing. More on this topic in a while (i.e. I have code, and
        work in ~/code/hwdb, now its just time to unleash the beast for
        a beating) 
      * Marketing via a LiveCD - developer's don't find this terribly
        useful, but its a great marketing tool. Now, we need to leverage
        pushing this towards being done. 
      * Getting wider exposure - magazines have to start loving us. Even
        if it means we edit the comps.xml and provide something suitable
        for them. DVDs are getting popular though, whee! 
Colin Charles,
FUDCon II @ LinuxTag
June 24-25, 2005 in Karlsruhe, Germany

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