Defining roles

Colin Charles byte at
Wed Jun 8 23:14:44 UTC 2005

I'm taking a stab at performing #1 on the list

Lead - Colin Charles
(okay, if you have problems about this, please speak up. If you think
you'd be doing a better job, also please speak up. I'm going on this via
permission from Greg...)

Co-Lead - Jack Aboutboul / Rahul Sundaram
(vote? whatever [as jack would put it])

RH Godfather - Greg DeKoenigsberg
(this is not a votable position, so don't even try ;-) )

Okay, in the past terms like "marketing director" has been used before.
Blah blah, fill up roles (lets get stuff done instead)

Now, committee members (I realise we should really be doing some form of
election, but what the heck). I propose (in no particular order; and I
know some of you are on other ctte's, tough):

* Jesse Keating (our Legacy liason)
* Karsten Wade (our Docs liason)
* Jef Spaleta (our users liason)
* Seth Vidal (our Extras liason)
* Warren Togami (poster boy for our developers)
* Tom Adelstein (possibly roping in Sam Hiser - tell him to get onlist)
* Chris Negus

Organisers for FUDCon's can popup at any given time, we must give
recognition to them at some place on the website.... TODO

There, initial noisemakers get roped in. Now, we definitely need more
"do-ers" than just noisemakers. Is everyone happy to be on the
committee? We can definitely add more people, as they become doers...
Cap it off at around 12 core members (at most), and let everyone else be
a marketing community contact (MarCon)

Now all of you don't just get blind tasks. All subprojected to do
work... Hawhaw. Comments, questions, brickbats?

Colin Charles,
FUDCon II @ LinuxTag
June 24-25, 2005 in Karlsruhe, Germany

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