Defining roles

Tom Adelstein adelste at
Wed Jun 8 23:19:59 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 16:14 -0700, Colin Charles wrote:
> I'm taking a stab at performing #1 on the list
> Lead - Colin Charles
> (okay, if you have problems about this, please speak up. If you think
> you'd be doing a better job, also please speak up. I'm going on this via
> permission from Greg...)
> Co-Lead - Jack Aboutboul / Rahul Sundaram
> (vote? whatever [as jack would put it])
> RH Godfather - Greg DeKoenigsberg
> (this is not a votable position, so don't even try ;-) )
> Okay, in the past terms like "marketing director" has been used before.
> Blah blah, fill up roles (lets get stuff done instead)
> Now, committee members (I realise we should really be doing some form of
> election, but what the heck). I propose (in no particular order; and I
> know some of you are on other ctte's, tough):
> * Jesse Keating (our Legacy liason)
> * Karsten Wade (our Docs liason)
> * Jef Spaleta (our users liason)
> * Seth Vidal (our Extras liason)
> * Warren Togami (poster boy for our developers)
> * Tom Adelstein (possibly roping in Sam Hiser - tell him to get onlist)
> * Chris Negus
> Organisers for FUDCon's can popup at any given time, we must give
> recognition to them at some place on the website.... TODO
> There, initial noisemakers get roped in. Now, we definitely need more
> "do-ers" than just noisemakers. Is everyone happy to be on the
> committee? We can definitely add more people, as they become doers...
> Cap it off at around 12 core members (at most), and let everyone else be
> a marketing community contact (MarCon)
> Now all of you don't just get blind tasks. All subprojected to do
> work... Hawhaw. Comments, questions, brickbats?
> 	Love,
> 		Colin

I'm on-board. Vision? Mission? Goals?

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