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Wed Jun 8 23:57:57 UTC 2005

/me replies to the fun stuff, first

On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 16:03 -0700, Colin Charles wrote:
> Here it is folk...

>       * Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCLs) - we are certifiying
>         nothing. More on this topic in a while (i.e. I have code, and
>         work in ~/code/hwdb, now its just time to unleash the beast for
>         a beating) 

You've probably read it, but for those who don't keep up on fedora-docs-
list, here is a recent thread on HCLs:
IMHO, the HCL concept took a beating, in most all forms.  The best idea
is that some automagic might be nice.  There are lots of lists of
hardware by model in the distro that could be yanked into XML and thus
into something pretty.  But ye gods! don't let us do anything manual.

'Nuff said.
>       * Marketing via a LiveCD - developer's don't find this terribly
>         useful, but its a great marketing tool. Now, we need to leverage
>         pushing this towards being done. 

Oh, this is essential.  Anyone who says it's not useful in many ways is
not on this planet and should be ignored for this subject. ;-P

I know there are technical hurdles and the like, and it must include a
usable OO.o.  Knoppix STD works great for me personally, but I *know* I
could convert people if I could just boot Fedora Core on their machines
in a non-destructive manner.  At US$.015 a live CD, that's some cheap

- Karsten
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