Graphics artists

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Thu Jun 9 08:33:26 UTC 2005

Steven Garrity wrote:

> Colin Charles wrote:
>> Who here's good at graphics?
> You put designers in a odd spot by having to reply to a message and 
> say they are "good"  ;-)
> What kind of stuff are you looking for?
> Cheers,
> Steven Garrity

A revamped  Fedora website, Fedora,  Theme (CSS/XSLT) for the 
Fedora documentation and everything associated with Fedora and a new 
logo. The logo shouldnt look a Fedora! to avoid displeasing cranky smart 
talker called Shadow man. All of them should be consistent or at least 
not too different from the default theme (clear looks)  for the desktop. 
We could use a clear looks equivalent to KDE  too for consistency 
especially if KDE is to remain within Fedora Core but without any other 
configuration changes to avoid flames and sticking with the Fedora goals 
of being close to upstream.

Did I miss anything?


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