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> -- General inability to gain ground and sort through installation 
> issues.  If you have never seen a UNIX system or Linux before, trying to 
> navigate through anaconda and (especially) Disk Druid is pretty baffling. 

Anaconda definitely presents a lot of stuff if you select the customize
options, and the trick is perhaps to get newbies to ignore them and
choose the defaults.  So screencasting has been proposed as a Fedora
bounty, with a target of showing a default install (that's been captured
in QEMU or similar), so that the newbie can see what to do and hopefully
feel easy about it.  Plus cool screencasts have marketing potential.


> When I started out, I saw a lot of people who had some UNIX experience, 
> and who wanted to learn (basically) how close Linux comes to behaving 
> like their venerable OS.  But now, more and more I find students who 
> have never ever seen a UNIX system.  They want to learn Linux, but 
> without exposure to UNIX, many concepts are quite foreign.

Amen.  Windows and UNIX worlds think in different ways about even simple
things, and that impedes all kinds of communication.

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