Graphics artists

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Thu Jun 9 18:45:08 UTC 2005

On 6/9/05, Steven Garrity <stevelist at> wrote:
> Agreed - contests/votes aren't a great way to judge design work (you
> wouldn't hold a contest to see who's patched would get applied to a
> project, would you?).

Well... for other things beside 'the' mascot.. i would say have a
seperate prize paid in swag to most 'popular' even if the popularity
contest makes absolutely no effort to count unique votes. For logos or
icons or background artwork.. you could easily have the judged on
merit winner that you include in an official way.. and the popular
choice which is honored in a less official way.  Two winners for those
sorts of things.. isn't a big deal.  For 'the' mascot however I'm not
sure having two winners is constructive.


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