Fedoraproject.org website

Hrishikesh Ballal hballal at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 07:45:35 UTC 2005

Hello All, 
A couple of things. I spent sometime last week trying to "checkout" the
website from the CVS. I followed everything that as was written on the
Fedoraproject.org website.. entered my GPG key etc. but with no luck.. I
tried to check out particular modules out of the CVS and did not get
anywhere.. so I emailed the repository administrator and am awaiting a
reply. I hope someone can help me with that here. Anyway.. When I saw
the Fedoraproject.org website (for the first time), I had a hard time
navigating it finding the right info. So I started tinkering around with
CSS and came up with a layout. 

I did not know if there is a "test" fedora server it can be uploaded and
everyone can see it.. so I uploaded it on my own site.. at..
http://www.hrishikeshballal.net/other/fedora/   ... 

Can you please take a look at it and give me some feedback on the what I
have so far so I can work on it later this week. As you can imagine all
the links etc are broken.. I wanted to create a better layout. I am no
artist and I don't know if we have one on this list.. I guess we need a

I am not sure if anyone else is working on the website / layout,maybe
he / she can take some ideas from it. But if you have any suggestions,
comments brickbats on it please feel free to reply. Thanks

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