Attention / Interest / Desire / Action,, or why marketing 'the Fedora project' is a bad idea.

Mike MacCana mikem at
Sat Jun 18 12:50:40 UTC 2005

seth vidal wrote:

>>"The Fedora Project is an open source project sponsored by Red Hat and 
>>supported by the Fedora community. It is also a proving ground for new 
>>technology that may eventually make its way into Red Hat products. It is 
>>not a supported product of Red Hat, Inc."
>>So far readers don't know:
>>- That Fedora is a Linux distro, or an Operating System
>>- Why it's good
>>- Where to get it
>>- Where to get help for it
>>They do know:
>>- That its Open Source
>>- That stuff in it may end up in RHEL
>>- That it is not supported by Red Hat
>>Given this, are you sure is currently focused towards 
>>end users?
>Pretty positive that we can't change the front page of
>w/o an act of law. :)
>The front page is off limits w/o approval from 7 of 9 rings of red hat's
>internal hell.
I figured as much - I have an internal account and doing my own job can 
be hard :^).

I propose: or similar for users (based around the idea 
that there's a much larger audience among people that don't already run 
Linux than that do).

Making a mock up is simple and I hereby volunteer to do so, provided 
somebody promises to listen to me and host it somewhere should I manage 
to convince them.

And for developers.


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