Attention / Interest / Desire / Action,, or why marketing 'the Fedora project' is a bad idea.

Thierry Sayegh linux at
Thu Jun 23 07:34:20 UTC 2005

Colin Charles wrote:

> a) we didn't have a contributory process
> b) they don't know how to contribute
> c) they feel powerless without being
> d) even when they overcome (c), some twat will show them
> that they're powerless
> e) etc...
1st post to this list and piggy-backing on the above. A bit of user
experience ;-)

I am a sysadmin by day, look after a few hundred servers running
anything from Windows to Novell, passing by RHEL.
Put me in the technically aware user base.

I use Fedora for everything on the home network, used it from Severn
onwards. Started with RH 5 or 6, cannot recall. I find it difficult to
find some answers to my questions as a user but it's ok, i do find
answers eventually, it's part of my job - like a 2nd nature.
As a user I would like a *central* repository of info - there are too
many domains/websites out there.

As a poweruser, I would like to contribute but

1. I do not have a lot of time on my hands
2. I am not a developper/coder/programmer or whatever you want to call it
3. Don't really know where to start, who to ask, what to do etc.

I am known as a linux advocate within my company, 90% is made out of
developpers, even created a LUG there. Most of these guys have never
heard of Fedora, they still recall the days of RH 6 to 9.
I have a box running Fedora Core on my desk, I show it to them, they
grab some CDs now and then or join the torrent at home.
Sometimes a punter come to me and ask what there is on the market, what
I would recommend. I wish there was a LiveCD to give them, I wish I knew
how to make one but i don't have the skills/time to learn the said skills.

my 2 cents


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