Cool Fedora schwag idea

seth vidal skvidal at
Mon Jun 27 21:54:39 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 23:45 +0200, Alex Maier wrote:
> A great idea indeed, but it wil only pull in the States. I'm trying to
> think of something cool that would work outside of US context...
> Just brainstorming around pins and jackets some more--I see a black
> jacket in punk-rocker look studded with pins and buttons of all sorts
> and sizes, some of which would be available for all, while others
> would have to be earned...

I have a crazy idea:

how about we stop coming up with crap to give people and maybe, you
know, just be appreciative and remove roadblocks to further work.

To spend less time on the tchotchke and more time on the content.

I'm thinking take all the money for jackets and get some
alternative-build-arch machines so the people who are packaging things
for extras with no access to the systems can build there. Fine, maybe
they can't be at rh for security concerns, but I might be able to host
them at duke. Or maybe get some more folks doing some infrastructure
bits and being paid for a month or so to get it done. Or get some
CD/DVD's burnt and mailing out to random people who might request them.

Anyway - I think it'd be more constructive to follow out those paths and
to use whatever resources fedora has available to it for that end rather
than 'letterman' jackets.

I hated have to put up with the useless cool kids in the letterman
jackets in high school, I don't intend to start to do it now.


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