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Matt Frye mattfrye at
Tue Jun 28 13:58:45 UTC 2005

On 6/27/05, Jeremy Hogan <jeremy.hogan at> wrote:
> Note the mild subject adjustment, uttered most notable by Alec Baldwin
> in Glengarry Glen Ross.

Another GGR reference seems appropriate... "It takes sell...."

> If Fedora definition were to stretch from "proving ground for Red Hat"...

Should be played down if we want the community to feel the Fedora love.  

> "proving ground for Linux Innovation"...

Played up for the same effect.  

> 4) So what?

The most powerful of questions, but can we answer it?  What's the
value of Fedora to the user/developer/etc?  What consideration does
that crowd get?  Are we interested in providing any consideration
beyond, "You can see our code, and that's inherently awesome, although
admittedly not vertical in any way."

> Recruit active participants, but you should be open as many interested onlookers as
> possible.

+1.  Yes, recruit active participants, but make it accessible.  No
more RTFM, self-righteous bullsh*t.

> -use PRWeb or a similar free service regularly (not feature releases,
> more like "Fedora guy writes free book in native language" type stuff,

We need to go one step further.  Encourage it.  Bounty for it.  S*wag
for it.  Recognition, not simply promotion.

> -press contacts (invite a NewsForge editor to an exclusive at FudCON,
> send the LiveCD out for reviewers 

I'm on the ed board at LinuxWorld.  How can I be of service to Fedora?

> there's only so much of our collective navel the world needs to gaze
> into, give the project a broader context)

It's called Revolution OS, and I already saw it.  

> -a media kit (zip file of the logo, the About statement, and ONE sheet
> giving the FAQ and spiel, contact info for one/two people at the most
> to follow up with)


Matt Frye

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