Cool Fedora schwag idea

seth vidal skvidal at
Tue Jun 28 17:22:13 UTC 2005

> > Wear them on your Fedora ballcap brim...
> Maybe first you get the special cap, then the first award pin, second
> award pin, and so on.  Then we get that merit badge feel, without the
> politics.  If people want to involve their nipples, that's their call.
>  :-P

My suggestions for recognizing people that contribute:
 - send them an email - a personal email thanking them for their
 - see about bringing them along to a conference
 - make them feel like they aren't "outside" of the process.

Then you'll recognize the fedora contributors b/c they're the people
responding to emails on lists and checking in packages and code. They're
the ones who are excited and pleased to be involved.

That's how you'll recognize them, that's how they'll stand out in a
crowd. :)


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