Fedora Core 4 reviews

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at redhat.com
Wed Jun 29 08:51:45 UTC 2005


>hi, i am new to this list. 
>just a few thoughts:
>I think this article is not negative:
>"In a nutshell, FC4 could easily be the new primary operating system to
>replace the current one residing on your machine." or "Everything worked
>including integrated soundcards and Windows file sharing. "
>(citation originally by LOKE KAR SENG)
>He only has a few misunderstandings like not knowing about fedora-extras
>containing Inkscape.
>I think on the other hand it shows how FC4 can be seen if you are not an
The article was definitely not a negative one. In fact it was a very 
glorious picture but responding to reviews isnt necessarily criticism. 
One could still send in feedback and suggestions on improving it or even 
a simple thank you note is appropriate at times. In short we are just 
looking forward to be responding and educating the media and the 
community on what Fedora is all about. As simple as that


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