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So now I'm catching up on all of the mail from the past week, and it looks 
like things got a little snippy.  Let me add my $0.02, for what they're 

1. Numbers don't impress me, except in a very general way.  Debian and
Ubuntu and Fedora are all doing very well.  I'd like to get *some*
accurate numbers -- but only to tell us how well *we* are doing.  What do
I want to see?  More users, more packagers, more awareness, more
innovation.  But I'm *not* interested in "how we're doing versus Ubuntu
today".  Having seen and talked with a lot of folks in Debian/Ubuntuland
at LinuxTag, I've come to the conclusion that everyone has their own
problems to solve.  I'm interested in solving ours.

2. "Marketing" is perhaps a misnomer here.  People think of "marketing" as
this aggressive, sell-the-sizzle, hit-the-number sort of idea.  That's not
what I think of when I think about this list of people.  I think of much
more basic stuff: tell people what's good about Fedora, and why they
should use it, and most importantly, why they should *participate*.  I'm
not interested in having 10 gazillion users; I'm interested in having a 
few thousand knowledgable advocates.  The user base will take care of 


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