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On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 12:26 -0400, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> Heh.
> So now I'm catching up on all of the mail from the past week, and it looks 
> like things got a little snippy.  Let me add my $0.02, for what they're 
> worth:
> 1. Numbers don't impress me, except in a very general way.  Debian and
> Ubuntu and Fedora are all doing very well.  I'd like to get *some*
> accurate numbers -- but only to tell us how well *we* are doing.  What do
> I want to see?  More users, more packagers, more awareness, more
> innovation.  But I'm *not* interested in "how we're doing versus Ubuntu
> today".  Having seen and talked with a lot of folks in Debian/Ubuntuland
> at LinuxTag, I've come to the conclusion that everyone has their own
> problems to solve.  I'm interested in solving ours.

this is good

It's useful to keep in mind the strength that comes from this diversity
having to do with the approaches Fedora and Ubuntu, for example, take to
defining their audiences.  The free organic building block goes much
further when we focus on doing our chosen vertical(s) exceptionally
well.  And we need to focus our energies on the Goliath, non-open
standards, rather than withIN the sandbox. 

Keep in mind also that one of the principal points of differentiation
for distros -- substantial points -- has to do with RPM vs APT.  It is a
difference which can carry an adoption.  Each suits different people on
its merits and respective frictions.  All's to Good.   

> 2. "Marketing" is perhaps a misnomer here.  People think of "marketing" as
> this aggressive, sell-the-sizzle, hit-the-number sort of idea.  That's not
> what I think of when I think about this list of people.  I think of much
> more basic stuff: tell people what's good about Fedora, and why they
> should use it, and most importantly, why they should *participate*.  I'm
> not interested in having 10 gazillion users; I'm interested in having a 
> few thousand knowledgable advocates.  The user base will take care of 
> itself.

This is good, too.  It's the quality of the network...

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