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Am Mi, den 29.06.2005 schrieb seth vidal um 18:59:

> > Keep in mind also that one of the principal points of differentiation
> > for distros -- substantial points -- has to do with RPM vs APT.  It is a
> > difference which can carry an adoption.  Each suits different people on
> > its merits and respective frictions.  All's to Good.   
> rpm vs apt?
> You're kidding right? I thought we had finally put this one to bed a
> while ago.
> okay: rpm == dpkg
>       apt == yum or apt-rpm or whatever.
> just so we're clear.
> -sv

I fully agree, Seth. It has ever been incorrect to compare rpm with apt.
On the other side it is exactly this comparison people come over with
when there is the naming of Red Hat Linux and now for a while Fedora and
Debian on the other side. Red Hat as a linux distribution is still in
the heads of many, many people (at least I can say that for people I use
to speak with here in Germany) as the "rpm dependency hell". Thats sad.
So I think it would be good if we would place yum more into the focus
when promoting Fedora.


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