let's do marketing in Strasbourg !

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 12:50:12 UTC 2005

Hai there,
I read a linux magazine. In this particular magazine, it compared between
some various Linux OS.
In the fedora section, it identifies fedora as a least-stable OS of any RPM
Based OS.
And fedora has not yet really impressed europeans.
In my local LUG <http://strasbourg.linuxfr.org/wiki-public/>, im the only
one with the FC OS, most of them are using debian based OS.
We are planning in this february an "OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
on 5-7 May 2006. similar to the german's "LINUXTAG". Im not yet communicated
about the amount of money being invested.

In June 2005, in karlsruhe there was a linuxtag. And fedora core was part of
the red-hat advertissement team. some developpers were present. Since i
stated before (from the particular magazine) that fedora core has not yet
impressed europeans, I wonder if there is a way to advertise fedora core. I
mean if i can ask some kind of association/company to send me free stickers
or any promotional material associated to FC to this open source event.

Yes, I live in France (Strasbourg <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strasbourg>).
I wish to know a little more about how it goes with the invitation of the FC
developpers and Marketing teams to our event knowing the fact that we don't
have a big budget, so that I could talk to the other members of my lug about
my plan to have a Fedora Core booth with real FC developpers and Marketing

The presence of a Fedora Core booth (even if its with the Red Hat Team)
could really attract and make aware to the public that Fedora Core is not
only a platform for developping the RHEL.

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