Fedora Logo: Modifications and a new one

Matthew Miller mattdm at mattdm.org
Tue Nov 8 04:40:59 UTC 2005

On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 10:27:14AM +1000, Joshua Wulf wrote:
> Infinite freedom is a clever concept, which requires some explanation. 
> ("Why doesn't it let me play my mp3s and DVDs - where's the freedom to 
> do what I want?")

(It does!)

> The Nike logo doesn't require an explanation: it's obviously a swoosh.

Errr, but what was a "swoosh" before Nike made it? Kinda a weird-lookin'
checkmark, is all.

> The Ubuntu logo doesn't require an explanation: it's obviously about 
> community and solidarity.

Or biohazard?

> I bet if we did a test where we flashed these three logos - Nike, 
> Ubuntu and Fedora in front of people for ten seconds, they would have 
> difficulty drawing or even recalling the Fedora one. It's too clever.

The Nike one only works 'cause you're so used to it. The Ubuntu one is nice
but nothing special.

> What I think would be a lot clearer, if we are going to stay with this 
> whole concept, is "f to the power of infinity" in that same speech 
> bubble type thing. It clearly communicates the f and the infinity and 
> people are not going to have to become initiated into the cult to be 
> able to grasp it.

But why do you need to grasp it? You don't "grasp" the Nike logo; you just
instantly recognize it.

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