Fedora Logo: Modifications and a new one

nodata fedora at nodata.co.uk
Tue Nov 8 10:19:20 UTC 2005

> Hi
>>But not understanding a logo is distracting and annoying. Is that good?
> Is it really?. Examples have been given before. What your understanding
> of the Nike logo?. Is that somehow immediately visible to anyone who
> sees it?.
> Fedora represents many things to many different people. Its my opinion
> that providing a simple visual identity is more important  rather than
> trying to capture something as diverse as the nature of Fedora within a
> single image and have it immediately recognizable to everyone who sees it.
> regards
> Rahul

I look at the Nike logo and see a tick. That's all the thought I gave to it.

I looked at the proposed Fedora logo, and saw a Möbius strip, with white
and light blue, then wondered why it had two colours, then saw the "f",
then wondered why the rest of the strip was light blue, then wondered why
there is a Möbius strip at all, then wondered why fedora legacy had green,
then wondered what the light blue meant if legacy meant green.

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