Fedora Logo: Modifications and a new one

nodata fedora at nodata.co.uk
Tue Nov 8 10:42:10 UTC 2005

> Hi
>>I look at the Nike logo and see a tick. That's all the thought I gave to
>> it.
>>I looked at the proposed Fedora logo, and saw a Möbius strip, with white
>>and light blue, then wondered why it had two colours, then saw the "f",
>>then wondered why the rest of the strip was light blue, then wondered why
>>there is a Möbius strip at all, then wondered why fedora legacy had
>> green,
>>then wondered what the light blue meant if legacy meant green.
> Blue for Fedora. Green for Legacy and rest for your imagination. Have fun!
> regards
> Rahul

Err- thanks for that, but the point of my e-mail wasn't to get it
explained, it was to show the questions others might ask themselves when
seeing the logo.

A loop with an f in it?

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