Fedora Logo: Modifications and a new one

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 14:04:03 UTC 2005

On 11/8/05, Joshua Wulf <jwulf at redhat.com> wrote:
> My main concern with the present design is the confusion caused in the
> cortex by the superimposition of the f and the infinity sign. Having the
> two elements there in that way causes neither of them to be striking and
> the brain to prevaricate between the two. It makes the effect weak.
> The faded infinity detracts from the f.
> The f detracts from the infinity effect.

look back at discussion... this has come up before... and
modifications have been presented which use in-lining and out-lining
to make the f more distinct... but are still within the framework of
the original design.  If you have a different tweak in mind, break out
your favorite drawing tool and mock up a modification. If you have to
throw away any of the 3 composite symbols, you aren't thinking hard

> The net effect of the two is cognitive confusion for the brain. It's not
> good to make things confusing for people.

I'll believe there is cognitive confusion here, when you have MRI data
of people while looking at the draft logo which clearly shows
increased activity in the anterior cingulated cortex.

> I can see how if you look at it with the right brain waves going it
> looks leet. But for most people at a glance the visceral response seems
> to be confusion.

I refuse to let ANYONE in this discussion get away with backhanded
comments concerning what "most" people think. That is a debate parlor
trick that only serves to prolong this discussion. If you want to talk
from personal experience fine...but don't claim to know the thoughts
of the collective hivemind of the unwashed and the uninitiated unless
you have some very hard and very statistically significant data to
back that crap up.

> In an informal survey I haven't been able to get many
> good reactions from people.

Yippie frelling do-da.... i have done several different informal
surveys among friends,co-workers and church members.  I showed them
the combined symbol as well as
no one reacted strongly to the symbol itself.
and everyone got the 'important' message from  fedoraLogo_10

What's this prove... absolutely nothing. Neither of us have used a
repeatable survey methodology nor have either of us made any attempts
to limit surveyor bias.

-jef"you can ask any group of people anything and get the answer you
wanted to get beforehand"spaleta

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