Fedora Logo: Modifications to the "f" and color

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at redhat.com
Wed Nov 9 18:39:08 UTC 2005


>I don't think more iterations would necessarily have helped.  But a
>broader call to submit logos would have been good.  If people on fedora
>forums, etc had been asked if they would like to provide logo samples
>before decisions had been made that would have allowed some of these
>"popular alternatives" to surface at a point in time when it would have
>been useful.
Apart from this open mailing list with public archives, it was mentioned 
in Fedora News atleast twice. Weekly issues are announced both in the 
fedora announcement list and to the frontpage newssection in the Fedora 
forum among various places such as lwn.net and distrowatch.com. Such 
announcements to the forum were originally done by Thomas Chnug.  Luya 
Tshimbalanga posts these to the forum and I move it to the news section 
everytime these days.


>Is the logo for the product to represent itself or for the community to
>unite under?  I think, in a community project, the logo is something the
>community needs to want to associate themselves with.  Do I belong to
>the "speech-bubble-infinity-stylized-f-group", the "red-swirl-group", or
>the "silver-pacman-group".   So it would been better for the community
>to have had a more active role in this particular decision.
Its for the project to represent itself. As a community project, 
interested people can always participate in it. Those who had enough 
interest in the marketing aspects of Fedora subscribed themselves and 
took part in the discussions and proposed various logos.


The discussion has been going on for months in a open and public list. I 
am not sure what exactly could have been done to publicize such efforts 
better. Suggestions?


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