Fedora Users - Brazil

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at redhat.com
Sun Nov 13 01:59:51 UTC 2005

Alex Maier wrote:

>Okay, I think I have the authority to make this happen and this is how
>I see this happening (and please tell me if you think i am wrong):
>As Fedora community is a global one, and regions can all learn from
>one another, I see no benefit in breaking the lists down by country,
>but rather by language.
>So I suggest that we have a PT list for all Portuguese speakers,
>because even if there are large language differences between different
>dialects, the information will still flow, and the benefit from
>exchanging this information globally might outweigh the language
>What do you think?
Yes. Languages lists are usually straightforward.  Country lists and 
worse language sublists is sometimes sensitive and political. We really 
dont want to get involved in that mess.


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