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Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Mon Nov 14 08:32:55 UTC 2005

 Rahul Sundaram <sundaram at redhat.com> wrote:
> Interesting information -
> " By the way: Fedora also means "Gift of God". Fedora is a
> Greek variant of Theodora, which means gift of God :-)"

Excellent discovery!

One of my big problems with Fedora as a separate entity from
Red Hat, from a legal standpoint, was the use of the name,
but not anything related to the hat.  I don't blame anyone
for it, I just saw it as a major, future issue should anyone
offer commercial services, products, etc... built around
Fedora, while still abiding by all Fedora requirements.  It
would really put the project into a pickle.

But by finding another, visual representation of what a
"Fedora" is, if it is so adopted, Fedora can have a sound,
unambiguous, well-defined visual association with the name. 
Any entity who tries to 

> Since the logo isnt associated with a hat, it makes sense
> to use this meaning in Fedora messages.

I would focus on the historical Greek meaning in the context
of "a gift from the gods."  That way there is not the
associated emotional, theological or political garbage that
comes with it -- most everyone feel safe and easy since the
overwhelming majority of the world believes in only one God,
and the Greek theology is considered only history.

Now let's play on that ...

- A gift from the G(r)eek god Torvalda?

Now line up the Geek gods, Torvalds, Cox, Morton, etc...
Now talk about some great ideas for box art!!!

- Before there could be Enterprise Linux ...

Oh man, start the whole "epic build-up"!

- The "f" is the lower-case Phi in the Greek alphabet

Hmmm, there's gotta be some stories there too!

Keel it *SMALL* g and *PLURAL* and we don't have a problem?

Patrick Barnes <nman64 at n-man.com> wrote:
> I really don't think we want to tread in that territory.

Don't go into the "big G" territory, I agree.
But com'mon, this is *GOLD*!

Heck, you can play off of the outcast of it all!

"In a world where the majority worships only one god and does
only his bidding, and all others are considered heretics, a
band of outcasts all over the world works together ..."

Man, this stuff is *GOLD*!  You keep is "paraody-level" and
it's not a problem!

And most importantly, it provides a direct reference that is
completely independent of Fedora as a hat.  That's what those
of us who offer commercial services, products, etc... built
around Fedora _need_!

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