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Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Mon Nov 14 08:39:49 UTC 2005

"Bryan J. Smith" <b.j.smith at ieee.org> wrote:
> - A gift from the G(r)eek god Torvalda?
> Now line up the Geek gods, Torvalds, Cox, Morton, etc...
> Now talk about some great ideas for box art!!!
>  ...
> "In a world where the majority worships only one god and
> does only his bidding, and all others are considered
> heretics, a band of outcasts all over the world works
> together ..."
> Man, this stuff is *GOLD*!  You keep is "paraody-level" and
> it's not a problem!

Seriously now, if you keep it "parody-level" you don't have
to worry about too many trademarks.  We need serious
characterizations of Linus, Cox, Morton, etc... -- stuff that
is not a clear representation of them (for ownership/rights
issues), but still gets the point across -- that would make
some great box art!


You could call "the supposed one god" of software a fraud. 
And one way Torvalda and others dispelled the notion of being
gods was by creating something and given mere mortals to use,
because he was no better than them!

Com'mon man, this stuff is *GOLD*!

> And most importantly, it provides a direct reference that
> is completely independent of Fedora as a hat.  That's what
> those of us who offer commercial services, products, etc...
> built around Fedora _need_!

This was my primary issue with Fedora(TM) prior, that visual
relationship.  With this, it totally _removes_ the issue!

Theodora, Fedora; Torvalds, Torvalda, etc...
Com'mon, get in the spirit of the comical aspects of this!
There is _so_much_ to build on!

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