Fedora: A gift from the G(r)eek gods! -- Feodora, Theodora and the Byanztine Empre

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Mon Nov 14 08:56:43 UTC 2005

FYI, I did a little Googling and the name is "Feodora" that
means "God's Gift."  Theodora is the female name of Theodore.
 The Greek relationship comes in to the Byzantine empire.

If anything, the Byzantine Empire -- after centuries --
became almost a bridge between western and eastern cultures,
believes, etc...  It adopted many aspects of cultures, such
as the removal of worship of idols (BG anyone?), etc...  Art
and life transgressed cultural barriers like never before.

Now I do _not_ suggest that anyone consider this with regard
to playing off the Theodora/Feodora origin.  What I'm saying
is if someone _wanted_ to demonize any parody of Feodora,
they would only be exposing the fact that Byzantine was a
bridge of many cultures, and probably the best example of
cultural moderation.

"... as people thought Feodora was a gift from a new god, but
only because they had been taught that software came only
from the gods -- namely one god.  It was only through Feodora
that the people learned the truth.  That the creators of
software were not the first, for software was of man for man,
and those who stole and plundered the first software put
themselves wrongly on a pesdestal as gods.

Feodora branches across cultures, across the globe, and
brought the best of all software known to man under one, for
all.  Feodora showed the world not to worship false gods who
did not create software, but to appreciate those whose merits
created the software for all to use.  A world of many
cultures, united under one goal ..."

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