Boston FUDCon 2006

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Sun Nov 20 02:21:10 UTC 2005

We are preliminarily "go" for FUDCon Boston 2006, on April 7th, after
the big LinuxWorld Conference & Expo.

Apparently, that conference has moved to Boston Convention & Exhibition
Center, which isn't quite as convenient to BU as the Hynes Convention Center
(last year's LW Conf&Expo location). However, it's still a relatively easy
trip on public transportation. Well, mostly -- it involves a very short ride
on the Silver Line (which has a stop right at the BCEC), a very short ride
on the Red Line, and a medium-length ride on the Green B Line. (As opposed
to last year's short trip on the Green B Line, or even walking.)

Since we'll have more advance planning this time around, we should be able
to accommodate more people -- probably around 180.

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