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Mon Nov 21 01:05:59 UTC 2005


I would be your contact for merchandise production. At the moment, we
do not have an official merchandise store set up--not on
cafepress.com, not anywehere else.

I would be delighted to find out more about the conditions you could
offer Fedora.


On 11/14/05, Dunrite Printing <bill at dunriteprinting.com> wrote:
> I was at fedoraforum.org reading about the t-shirts that are available from
> expresscafe, and someone referred me to this list.
> I am interested in printing t-shirts for fedora. I have been in and out of
> the project since it started, and I recently just got back into it with core
> 4. I am 34 years old, an IT administrator by day, and I own a Screen
> Printing business on the side. I have been in the printing industry for
> almost ten years, and owned the screen printing business for about 5 years
> going on 6. Anyways, this is not a hopeless plug for business, I don't need
> additional business, I stay busy enough, but I do believe in the quality of
> the shirts my shop can produce, and I want a high quality shirt available
> for not only myself, but everyone. You can check out my webpage if you want
> to know about my business. Keep in mind I do not update the website or even
> sell off it anymore, I normally stick with resellers, schools, fire houses
> etc. A couple of my bigger clients right now are Coke and Little Caesars. I
> am the screen printer, I have a couple of people that work for me, but there
> would be no middleman, and I would be printing the shirts myself, so the
> quality would be guaranteed. We could also have other than white colored
> t-shirts, since this is a real screen printing process, not an inkjet or
> anything like that.
> How could I find out more about who I should talk to about printing
> t-shirts?
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