Boston FUDCon 2006

Jeremy Hogan jeremy.hogan at
Mon Nov 21 19:57:21 UTC 2005

In prior posts, I poo pooed the notion that we need to make
videos/documentaries of these events. Something about ompholoskepsis.

But, I've since been keeping a close eye on<>the site and CurrentTV the
cable/satellite station. I think now would be a
good time to submit them a viewer created "pod". Right now their audience is
very techy/geeky. They've run documentary pods on ComicCon, as well as an
RPG group, and a third on a lan-gaming group. Not to mention the whole
stations reeeeks of Google. If we did something that captured the flavor of
these events, and the movement they represent, my bet is that it would get
"greenlighted" from the website to the TV channels. It'd be cool if we
worked in one of the RH videos, or even better, one created for FUDCon use.

They repeat the crap out of content they have, so this might be a ringer. A
nice soldier's eye view of the war, and a commercial for Fedora all at once.

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