Boston FUDCon 2006

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Nov 21 20:50:03 UTC 2005

On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 03:40:06PM -0500, Alex Maier wrote:
> > > Hey folks,
> > Which folks?
> The ones you referred to as "we" in your post. I assumed there was a
> group of people for which you were speaking.

Ok. :) Last year, those of us here at Boston University organized the space
and some snacks, and people from Red Hat and Fedora volunteers organized the
content and schedule of the conference itself. (Specifically, an advisory
board of Michael Tiemann, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Havoc Pennington, Paul Nasrat,
Warren Togami, Colin Charles, and Jack Aboutboul, plus some involvement from
Dave Lawrence and Elliot Lee.) I expected a similar arrangement this time
around, since it seemed to work very well even with the short notice.

> If however, there is nobody organizing the FUDCon at the moment, then
> it is about time someone felt responsible for it :)

I've already talked a little bit with Jack, and with people at BU -- hence
my post. :)

> Greg and I of course will be involved, but a larger team means we can
> get more stuff done.
> Consider this a call for action.


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