Fedora logo update

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Tue Nov 22 15:13:19 UTC 2005

The Fedora logo is now in the hands of counsel.  It cannot be said to be
truly "official" until it clears this process successfully.

One of the side effects of developing the logo under the watchful eye of
the public is that everyone sees it before it's cleared the entire
process, and since it has approval, everyone wants to use it immediately.  
Therefore, there are people using the logo now -- some even with our tacit
approval.  This is a mistake.  Hold off.

I don't want to go all fascist and say "everybody take down the logo NOW!"  
But I will request that if you're using the logo currently, and if you can
reasonably replace it until we've got full logo clearance, please do so.

The legal process looks something like this:

  * Design search.  This is where we make sure that no logo in any
    field looks too much like this one.  In process, should be done by 
    end of next week.

  * Trademark application.  Obviously, this is where we make sure that
    the mark is Fedora's.  Should be on file within a couple of days 
    after design search is complete.

I'll continue to keep everyone updated on the logo's progress through the


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