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Matthew Miller mattdm at
Wed Nov 23 23:22:03 UTC 2005

On Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 01:19:33PM -0800, Jesse Keating wrote:
> steering committee would help with this.  Because we aren't Core, and we
> aren't Extras, there is some risk using our packages, some cases where
> an update may go out that causes problems that aren't caught by normal
> QA.  However there is the same risk w/ Extras and Core too.  One

FWIW, I've had worse experiences with bad updates from Core than I ever have
from Legacy. :)

> action (or each yum action after the cache timeout).  It would also add
> load to the master download server.  We have a large number of mirrors,
> however I'm not entirely pleased with the way that mirrorlists work in
> yum.  Far too often a user in West USA may get handed a mirror in Russia
> or France or something.

There's some work on yum plugins which deal with this; I think by the
timeframe we're talking about, that won't be an issue.

But hey, this is off-topic. :)

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