Could I say a Word ?

Hornain Frederic Frederic.Hornain at GB.BE
Wed Nov 23 23:27:16 UTC 2005

Dear all Marketing Members,

Firstly, I would say that Fedora Community is doing a real good Job !

Yes, it is what I think !

In addition, I know that "Rome was not Built in one Day" and I respect religiously what have been done.

Howerver, I think we should do an effort on our communication to people who are not coming from or born in computers world : )
For instance, just do the exercice, try to be a newbies knowing nothing about Fedora and wanting to help or to try the distribution, just for one minute.

I beleive you should quickly ask you theses questions : 

What is Fedora ? {Yes, I know if am going to the Fedora site I thinks that I already know what Fedora is.:} -
How can install it ? 
How to use it ?
Who is doing what ?
Who should I contact in order to help developpers and others ?
How should I help developpers and others ?

Ok, I know that almost all the basic information already exists but for the moment it is not so clear than that.
The newbies will have to search a long time before to discover what he was looking for, won't they ? 

Maybe we should create a dedicated site for developpers - Fedora guys I mean - and an other for the rest of the world which is I thinks represent the bigger part ; ) where the last one can retreive in a easier way what they are looking for. 
It is just an idea.

Or pheraps another solution.

BTW, the thing here is just to open the discussion and to advance the thing.

If you have any remarks feel free to contact me.

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