Security features

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Sat Nov 26 15:28:15 UTC 2005

Dawid Gajownik wrote:

> Hi!
>     I've been reading recently and I've found this article → 
> I knew about this patch restricting 
> acces to /dev/mem but I did not know that it prevents rootkits! IMHO 
> this should be mentioned in the Release Notes:
>     Actually, there should be more hype about Fedora's security 
> features¹. For instance, FC5 uses Stack Smashing Protector. I think 
> that it's worth mentioning it in the Announcement of Fedora Core 5². 

Fstack-protector is already mentioned in  
I will include more comprehensive information about the other security 
features to the wiki and link from the release notes - Could highlight such 
overviews better in further announcements.  You are already in the edit 
group for the Fedora wiki. If you want to include such information 
yourself see

Thank you for bringing this up to the list.


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