Security features

Dawid Gajownik gajownik at
Sat Nov 26 16:06:37 UTC 2005

Dnia 11/26/2005 04:28 PM, Użytkownik Rahul Sundaram napisał:

> Fstack-protector is already mentioned in 

Yes, I know, but IMHO it's important to mention it in annoncements. Just 
take a look a recent articles about Fedora on /. or
Authors just summarize official announcements. They won't even bother to
read Release Notes :(

> I will include more comprehensive information about the other 
> security features to the wiki and link from the release notes - 


> You are already in the edit group for the Fedora wiki. If you want to
>  include such information yourself see

Well, I'm not a native English speaker and right now I don't feel so 
comfortable in writing official texts. My grammar sucks and I don't want 
  people to laugh at me ;) Writing on mailing lists or in bugzilla is a 
bit something different...



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